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Mike McCarthy debuts on ICONYC Noir with ‘Realistic Expectations’ EP

Mike McCarthy - Realistic Expectations EP [ICONYC Noir]

ICONYC Noir warmly welcomes Mike McCarthy with his powerful release ‘Realistic Expectations,’ including a delightful remix by Beyond Physical. This EP marks the Canadian producer’s debut on the label, delivering an exceptional Progressive House track, one of his best works to date. Are you ready to immerse yourself in pure underground vibes? Then, join us at WeRave Music, your destination for the finest electronic music releases.

Realistic Expectations

The release kicks off with the original mix, featuring rich driving textures and a blend of euphoric and moody Progressive House vibes. This track caters to the clubbing crowd, bringing uplifting and feel-good energy to the forefront. A hypnotic groove serves as the foundation, complemented by a deep bass that gradually leads to a breakdown with percussive elements. The track then seamlessly transitions into a rising melodic hook, creating an infectious groove that fades in and out for maximum impact. Mike McCarthy delivers a sure-fire winner in this essential release.

Beyond Physical Remix

The remix of ‘Realistic Expectations‘ comes from the duo Beyond Physical, who are also making their debut on ICONYC Noir with a dance floor-oriented rework. Their remix features filtered stabs, a stunning groove, and an overall sense of love and energy. The track builds tension and excitement, with a driving yet understated bassline that powers the groove. Beyond Physical expertly maintains the energy, allowing the driving Melodic House feel to shine through, creating a captivating soundscape that completes this classy underground crowd-pleaser.

With ‘Realistic Expectations,’ Mike McCarthy breaks boundaries, offering a dance floor-heavy, melodic release that will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face. Don’t miss it!

Below, you’ll find the complete ‘Realistic Expectations’ EP. Enjoy this outstanding release from ICONYC Noir to brighten your day, and please remember to share this post with your friends to help us spread incredible music worldwide. Thank you! =D

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1 – Mike McCarthy – Realistic Expectations | ICONYC Noir

Realistic Expectations (Original Mix)

2 – Mike McCarthy – Realistic Expectations (Beyond Physical Remix) | ICONYC Noir

Realistic Expectations (Beyond Physical Remix)

Image via ICONYC Noir

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