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WeRave Sets #97 – Ophanim

WeRave Sets #97 - Ophanim

In this edition of WeRave Sets, we’re going to visit the California coastline, in the United States, where the talented DJ and electronic music producer, Ophanim, delivered a live set full of remarkable soundscapes, accompanied by a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and the California coastal region. If you’re looking for great music and breathtaking views, then hit play and let’s go!

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In edition #96 of WeRave Sets, we recommend the live performance of the talented Jacob Henry, directly from Ora Nightclub, also in the USA, with a stunning show filled with melodic electronic music for you to indulge in. Do you enjoy beautiful sound vibes and music that goes beyond the current norm? Then you are in the right place! Welcome to WeRave Music, your destination to listen to the best of underground electronic music.

What is WeRave Sets?

It’s a series of posts aimed at helping you, whether you’re a fan or just discovering electronic music, to find the best and most vibrant sets out there, with the help of our content curation, which aims to point you towards the finest within the underground electronic music scene. Make sure to save this website in your favorites; you won’t regret it.

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Ophanim live from California, USA

Ophanim live from California, USA


  1. Ophanim – Ytterligare
  2. AmyElle – Tom Tune
  3. Tinlicker – Just To Hear You Say (Joseph Ray Remix)
  4. Ophanim – ID
  5. Simon Doty – Have You Ever
  6. Ophanim – ID
  7. Hessian – I See You
  8. Matt Fax – Atlas
  9. Spark030 – Falling
  10. Uros – ID
  11. ODESZA – This Version Of You (Joseph Ray Remix)
  12. Ophanim & Kliran.B – ID