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Airbas & Axel Giova join forces on the new EP ‘Eterea’, out via ICONYC Noir

Airbas & Axel Giova - Eterea EP [ICONYC Noir]

ICONYC Noir introduces its latest release, the ‘Eterea’ EP by Italian and Argentinian producers Airbas & Axel Giova, to the label. Both producers have made a significant impact on the electronic music scene with their quality-driven productions, earning them a wide audience. Ready for a fantastic musical experience? Then, welcome to WeRave Music, your destination for the finest electronic music releases.

Eterea (Original Mix)

Let’s begin with the exceptional original mix of ‘Etera.’ It’s a captivating, melodic progressive house track that builds on a deep groove as its foundation, complemented by a gradually intensifying bassline. The track leads to a breakdown before soaring into a melodic hook, culminating with a powerful blend of percussion and harmonies that will transport you straight to heaven.

Eterea (Playa Den Bossa Mix)

Closing the EP is the ‘Playa den Bossa‘ mix, offering a seamless fusion of smooth bass tones, subtle drum programming, and skillfully chopped samples. The track features intricate chord progressions, leading to a beautiful breakdown before gradually transitioning into an energetic surge of deep, driving beats and an ever-evolving bassline. Various melodic elements gracefully weave in and out of the stereo field, making it the perfect concluding track for this fantastic EP by Airbas & Axel Giova.

Below is the full ‘Eterea’ EP. Enjoy this outstanding release from ICONYC Noir to brighten your day, and don’t forget to share this post with all your friends to help us spread more incredible music worldwide. Thank you! =D

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1 – Airbas & Axel Giova – Eterea | ICONYC Noir

Eterea (Original Mix)

2 – Airbas & Axel Giova – Eterea (Playa Den Bossa Mix) | ICONYC Noir

Eterea (Playa Den Bossa Mix)

Image via ICONYC Noir

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