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Ulises Espindola debuts on ICONYC Noir with EP ‘Patterns’

Ulises Espindola - Patterns EP [ICONYC Noir]

Ulises Espindola makes his debut on ICONYC Noir with the EP ‘Patterns’, an impressive Progressive House gem that stands out as his best musical work to date and will undoubtedly catch your attention as this emerging Argentine producer. Ready to listen to good music? Then welcome to WeRave Music, home to the best electronic music releases.


The EP opens with the mesmerizing main track, ‘Patterns‘, featuring warm soundscapes, accompanied by captivating melodies and a powerful bassline capable of igniting any dance floor. The impeccable musical arrangement of this track ensures a memorable sonic experience for any Progressive House listener.


Closing the EP, we have the dynamic track ‘Spire‘, where Ulises Espindola showcases his exceptional skill in drum programming, creating a hot and contagious groove that blends melodic and dark landscapes in a danceable yet dreamy musical atmosphere.

The EP ‘Patterns‘ is a high-level and utterly mesmerizing Progressive House release, delivering a perfect fusion of captivating sounds and marking Ulises Espindola’s excellent debut on the ICONYC Noir label, which kicks off August with sky-high quality.

Below is the full EP ‘Patterns’. Enjoy this generous dose of underground electronic music to lift your week, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends to help us spread good music all over the world. Thank you! =D

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1 – Ulises Espindola – Patterns | ICONYC Noir

Patterns (Original Track)

2 – Ulises Espindola – Spire | ICONYC Noir

Spire (Original Mix)

Image via ICONYC Noir

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