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Soul Alt Delete Returns to ICONYC Noir with the Powerful ‘Jesse James’ EP

Soul Alt Delete - Jesse James EP [ICONYC Noir]

The renowned English producer, Soul Alt Delete, a fixture in the underground scene for years, unveils his latest masterpiece, the ‘Jesse James’ EP, via ICONYC Noir. This two-track marvel solidifies his status as a class act with timeless productions. Ready for some good music? Join us on WeRave Music, your destination for the finest underground electronic beats.

Jesse James – Original Mix

The EP kicks off with the exceptional title track, ‘Jesse James‘ – a dynamic Progressive House roller that seamlessly blends gentle chord stabs, subtle string ensembles, clinical percussion, and a captivating driving lead line. This club-inspired piece of house music showcases Soul Alt Delete’s trademark beat manipulation, with various elements gracefully drifting in and out. Perfect for the rhythm-hungry dance floors, it sets the stage for an exhilarating night out.

Penthouse – Original Mix

Closing the release with finesse is the second track, ‘Penthouse.’ This deep-influenced composition weaves roomy, glowing love with filtered stabs. Soul Alt Delete masterfully maintains the energy, allowing the driving Progressive House feel to shine through layers and textures, crafting a beautiful soundscape that seamlessly leads into the drop. ‘Penthouse‘ is an underground crowd-pleaser, a must-not-miss addition to the ICONYC Noir catalog.

Soul Alt Delete’s unique style, honed over years of mastery, takes a step beyond boundaries in this release. The EP is a melodic gem, offering a deep, driving, and melodic embrace that guarantees smiles and memorable musical moments. Enjoy!

Below, you’ll find the complete ‘Jesse James’ EP. Immerse yourself in this memorable release from ICONYC Noir to brighten your week, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends to help us spread incredible music worldwide. Thank you! =D

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1 – Soul Alt Delete – Jesse James | ICONYC Noir

Jesse James (Original Mix)

2 – Soul Alt Delete – Penthouse | ICONYC Noir

Penthouse (Original Mix)

Image via ICONYC Noir

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