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WeRave Sets #77 – Indifferent Guy & ODYSSAY

WeRave Sets #77 - Indifferent Guy & ODYSSAY

In this week’s WeRave Sets we will visit the city of Kiev, Ukraine, which in November 2021 was the stage for the talented local producers Indifferent Guy & ODYSSAY in a danceable presentation marked by a lot of Progressive House and Melodic Techno tracks. If you like Electronic Music vibes then you are in the right place, welcome to WeRave Music.

Last week we indicated the memorable performance by ALPHA 9 directly from ABGT 500, which took place in the United States and which is full of Trance & Progressive House for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to watch it later because it’s amazing! Are you ready for this week’s WeRave Set? So turn up the volume and let’s enjoy this super live set that the talented Indifferent Guy & ODYSSAY have prepared for us. Oh, don’t forget to share WeRave Music with your Electronic Music loving friends.

WeRave Sets is a series that indicates to you one DJ-Set per week under our WeRave Music’s quality seal.

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Indifferent Guy & ODYSSAY – Live @ Radio Intense 2.11.2021

Indifferent Guy & ODYSSAY - Live @ Radio Intense 2.11.2021 [Progressive House/Melodic Techno DJ Mix]


  1. Indifferent Guy & ODYSSAY – Answers In The Dark
  2. Indifferent Guy & ODYSSAY – Reborn
  3. Indifferent Guy & ODYSSAY – Moonlight
  4. Indifferent Guy – Venus
  5. Indifferent Guy & ODYSSAY – Timeless
  6. Indifferent Guy & ODYSSAY – Before You Go
  7. Indifferent Guy – Signal
  8. Alter & Antai feat Boosin & ODYSSAY – Nevermind (Indifferent Guy remix)
  9. Spartaque & ODYSSAY – My Religion
  10. Greenjack – Rafter