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WeRave Sets #73 – Kyau & Albert

WeRave Sets #73 - Kyau & Albert

In this week’s WeRave Sets we will visit the beautiful city of Löbau, in Germany, which is located approximately 250 km away from the capital Berlin and which received the electronic music legends Kyau & Albert for a spectacular DJ-Set that took place from the top of the King Frederick Augustus Tower, a structure built in 1854 (19th century) and named after one of the kings of Saxony. It is also worth mentioning that the King Frederick Augustus Tower is the only observation tower made of cast iron existing in all of Europe today.

And in this iconic location in the city of Löbau, the owners of Euphonic Records made a very good DJ-Set, accompanied by a great view for you to enjoy. If you like electronic music vibes then you are in the right place, welcome to WeRave Music.

Last week we indicated the beautiful presentation of Sunny Lax directly from Hungary and which is filled with a lot of Trance and Progressive House for you to enjoy. Go watch it later cause it’s too much! Are you ready for this week’s WeRave Set? So turn up the volume and let’s dive deep into this super live set that the legendary German duo Kyau & Albert has prepared for us. Oh, don’t forget to share WeRave Music with your electronic music loving friends.

WeRave Sets is a series that indicates to you one DJ-Set per week under our WeRave Music’s quality seal.

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Kyau & Albert @ 19th Century Cast-Iron Tower in Löbau, Saxony, Germany

Kyau & Albert @ 19th Century Cast-Iron Tower in Löbau, Saxony, Germany


  1. 01:10 – Kyau & Albert – Are You One Of Us (Cabriolet Paris Remix)
  2. 05:30 – Hello Machines – Air
  3. 08:30 – Boss Axis – New Dawn
  4. 13:40 – Gate 44 – Doubt
  5. 18:09 – Maywave – Let Me Go
  6. 23:07 – Kyau & Albert – So True
  7. 26:10 – Kyau & Albert feat Steve Brian – Reverie
  8. 30:23 – Kyau & Albert – Shimmer
  9. 36:12 – Kyau & Albert – I Feel Love (John Grand Remix)
  10. 44:19 – John Grand – Moondrifter
  11. 48:59 – Kyau & Albert – Mein Herz
  12. 53:45 – Dan Stone – All For You
  13. 57:43 – Kyau & Albert – What It Takes
  14. 01:01:23 – Cressida – 6AM (Kyau & Albert Remix)