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Interview with DJ Leandro

WeRave interviews DJ Leandro

This week, we had the opportunity to talk to talented DJ and producer Leandros Ioannou (better known in the underground music scene as DJ Leandro) who is making a name for himself in many Electronic Music labels, including Sirup Records, Pinkstar Black, Open House, and now Vision Decades, where he presented his latest release.

In our conversation with him, we talked about the current Electronic Music, new and promising artists in the electronic scene, as well as new releases. Are you ready to know a bit more about one of the emerging names in underground Electronic Music? Then welcome to WeRave Music, this is our exclusive interview with the one and only DJ Leandro.

Hey Leandro, first of all thank you so much for having me for an interview. It’s amazing talking to you buddy! Where in the world are you?

DJ Leandro: Cyprus.

How had the start to the year been for you and what are your musical plans for the coming months?

DJ Leandro: The year has started off pretty well. I’ve had a couple releases out already on Sirup, PinkStar Black and Vision Decades.

My studio time has been a little limited due to personal reasons but now am fully back ‘full time’ in studio mode. I’ve got a few releases already signed and coming up on Sirup Music and Vision Decades.

You recently debuted on Vision Decades with the nice track ‘Vector’, could you tell us about the track and if possible what the idea it came from?

DJ Leandro: ‘Vector’ is a track that ironically came together rather quick (usually I take my time with tracks as I am very particular) but with ‘Vector’ everything seemed to have just ‘gelled’ together nicely. I started the track with just a basic arp melody (which you can hear throughout the track) and from there it grew.

I always try and add orchestral elements such as piano, strings, pizzacato etc as these specific sounds I love how they sound in electronic music. I then found this vocal sample which sounded like a broken computer and together it pieced the track together nicely.

DJ Leandro – Vector | Vision Decades


And talking about new music. What’s your current top five tracks?

1 – Double Touch & Reigan – Storm | All Day I Dream

Double Touch - Storm ft. Reigan

2 – Nore En Pure – indulgence | Enormous Tunes

Nora En Pure - Indulgence

3 – Vincenzo – The Witching Hour | BE ADULT MUSIC

Vincenzo - The Witching Hour 🎵

4 – TIAEM – You (Samuel Sonder Remix) | Vision Decades

TIAEM - You (Samuel Sonder Remix)

5 – Paige & Nihil Young – Drown | Purified Records

Paige x Nihil Young - Drown

When do you first discovered your passion for electronic music?

DJ Leandro: My passion for music goes all the way to 1996. I’ve always had a huge passion for music but my ‘true’ musical passion started with my love for Deep House. And from there I wanted to DJ full time and started doing House parties which eventually led me to DJ in clubs and then full/part time and then into producing.

And when you were first getting started in music production did you have someone help you or are you self-taught? And what would you recommend new producers do to help with the music production?

DJ Leandro: A good friend of mine Sisco Umlambo taught me allot in the beginning of my producing career, from there I went on to teach myself through mainly reading up on production and on YouTube.

My best advice for beginner producers is to purchase the book ‘Secrets of dance music production’, this book is like the holy grail for producing in my opinion and also to use YouTube as a great source for tips, tools and tricks.

Among the artists of the new generation of electronic music, is there anyone that catches your attention?

DJ Leandro: Jope, Heard Right and TIAEM.

Currently you’re living in Cyprus. How is the electronic music scene in this country?

DJ Leandro: The electronic music scene in Cyprus, considering the size and population of the country, is quite impressive.

In your opinion what is the most exciting thing happening in dance music universe currently?

DJ Leandro: I would have to say that the most exciting thing coming up is that these ‘totally unknown’ producers are coming out with some truly amazing music on labels that are much smaller than the major ones. These songs that they’re coming out with are amazing and are just as good if not better than major artists/labels.

Nowadays with how technology has progressed its given the artists the platform to expose themselves and their music to the world without the need of having thousands of followers on facebook or getting a track signed to major label.

And now looking ahead, how do you see the electronic music future in the next 10 years?

DJ Leandro: The electronic music scene is ever changing and evolving, for example we are now seeing AI introduced to the world and now into electronic music. It seems that AI is going to have some form of a role going forward and its going to be interesting to see how that’s going to shape and/or change the music scene. For now we have to wait and see.

Thank you so much again for this interview Leandro. It was amazing and I wish you many inspirations in your next releases!

That was our exclusive interview with talented DJ Leandro, one of the emerging names in the current underground scene, who has been releasing tracks on various labels. We hope you enjoyed the conversation, and below, we’ve included a very special playlist on Spotify with some of his best releases for you to enjoy.

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Image via DJ Leandro