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Top20 – Best of Underground Electronic Music May 2024

Top20 – Best of Underground Electronic Music May 2024

Ready to hear the best underground electronic music released in May? First, grab your headphones and turn up the volume for our TOP 20 list, featuring the best tracks from the underground scene. These selections are specially curated for you, a true lover of quality electronic music, who is looking for tracks that will make a difference in your daily life. Furthermore, if you are ready to dive into an endless ocean of sound with artists like Cristoph, Darren Tate, Aves Volare, Hernan Cattaneo, Nihil Young, and many more, then hit play, crank up the volume, and let’s go! =D

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*List in alphabetical order.

1 – Alex Breitling – Dreamcatcher | Purified Records

Alex Breitling - Dreamcatcher

2 – Big Gal – Third Eye Open | Deep State

3 – BOg & Afnan Prince – Heal | Spectrum

BOg, Afnan Prince - Heal

4 – Braxton – Taking Form | Anjunadeep

Braxton - Taking Form

5 – Camelphat & Sohn – Turning Stones (Mind Against Remix) | When Stars Align

Turning Stones (Mind Against Remix)

6 – Clawz SG – Fortitude | Steyoyoke

Clawz SG - Fortitude (Original Mix) [Steyoyoke]

7 – Craving – Flare (SoulTrain’s Melodic Mix) | Avanti

Craving - Flare (SoulTrain's Melodic Mix)

8 – Cristoph & Afnan Prince – Give Me An Answer | Consequence Of Society Recordings

Give Me An Answer

9 – Danca (DE) & Aves Volare – Circles | recordJet

Circles (Radio Edit)

10 – Darren Tate & Susie Ledge – Watching | Anjunabeats

Darren Tate feat. Susie Ledge - Watching

11 – Datskie & Bamuña – Light Portal | Colorize

Datskie & Bamuña - Light Portal

12 – Dosem & Boxer – Soulvision | Colorize

Dosem & Boxer - Soulvision

13 – Exstra – Frozen | Enormous Chills

14 – Hernan Cattaneo feat Hicky & Kalo – Distant Memories | Watergate Records

Hernan Cattaneo, Hicky & Kalo - Distant Memories

15 – Khus – Till We Go Home | Sommersville Records

Khus - Till We Go Home

16 – Moritz Hofbauer – Oneironaut (Lauren Mia Remix) | FCKNG SERIOUS

Moritz Hofbauer - Oneironaut (Lauren Mia Remix)

17 – Nihil Young & Jordan Arts feat Black Box (DE) – Let It Go | Nomade Records

Let It Go (Radio Edit)

18 – Seismal D & Amiley – Ricordia | Steyoyoke

Seismal D & Amiley - Ricordia (Original Mix) [Steyoyoke]

19 – Yotto – Heartbeat | Odd One Out

YOTTO - 'Heartbeat' [Odd One Out]

20 – Zacharias Tiempo – Engelina | Photonic Music

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