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Ark Nomads & Palinodia presents ‘Afterworld’ EP via ICONYC

Ark Nomads & Palinodia - Afterworld EP [ICONYC]

ICONYC welcomes the talented artists Ark Nomads, Palinodia, and Nihil Young to present their captivating EP, ‘Afterworld’—a club-ready release that brings Progressive House and Melodic Techno vibes to dance floors worldwide. Are you ready to discover and enjoy exceptional underground music? Join us on WeRave Music, your destination for the finest electronic music releases.

‘Afterworld’ – Original Mix

To kick off the release, Ark Nomads & Palinodia present the enchanting title track, ‘Afterworld.’ Brimming with driving vibrancy, the arrangement propels listeners with its energetic flow. Infused with deep, stimulating elements, ‘Afterworld‘ emanates a club edge, showcasing the trio’s exceptional production skills. The formula for a monumental experience is set, with grooves and melodies taking center stage. This restrained gem works its magic, casting a warm glow and an air of sophistication on the dance floor, courtesy of the beats delivered by Ark Nomads & Palinodia.

‘Afterworld’ – Nihil Young Remix

The exclusive remix of ‘Afterworld’ is skillfully crafted by the renowned Italian producer Nihil Young. From the get-go, he builds tension, weaving an atmospheric vibe that subtly propels the listener with warm tinkling sounds, a smooth edge, and artfully affected pieces. Elevating the energy levels with his driving club touch, he enhances the melancholy with stripped-back, expressive components. Nihil Young’s outstanding remix adds another feather to his cap, continuing his remarkable streak of releases this year. Truly, this is “essential stuff”!

‘Delailah’ – Original Mix

Closing out the release, Ark Nomads & Palinodia unleash another club monster with ‘Delailah.’ Playing with filtered stabs and dynamic drums, the trio guides us into a drop filled with excitement and suspense, maintaining a high-energy atmosphere. Amidst the layers and textures, the driving melodic feel takes the spotlight, crafting a beautiful soundscape to conclude this classy underground crowd-pleaser.

Below, you’ll find the complete ‘Afterworld’ EP. Enjoy this stunning release from ICONYC to brighten your day, and please don’t forget to share this post with your friends to help us spread incredible music worldwide. Thank you! =D

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1 – Ark Nomads & Palinodia – Afterworld | ICONYC

Afterworld (Original Mix)

2 – Ark Nomads & Palinodia – Afterworld (Nihil Young Remix) | ICONYC

Ark Nomads & Palinodia - Afterworld (Nihil Young Remix)

2 – Ark Nomads & Palinodia – Delailah | ICONYC

Delailah (Original Mix)

Image via ICONYC

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