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Proluction debuts on Polyptych Noir with ‘Close To Me’ EP

Proluction - Close To Me EP [Polyptych Noir]

After gaining recognition from renowned labels such as Intricate Records and SkyTop, Proluction makes a great debut on Polyptych Noir with his latest masterpiece, the ‘Close to Me’ EP, featuring a powerful remix by Forty Cats. Are you prepared to dive into the immersive world of underground vibes? Join us on WeRave Music, your ultimate destination for the finest in underground electronic music.

‘Close To Me’ – Original Mix

This track highlights an exhilarating arp section, skillfully counterbalanced by the ethereal combination of soft leads and atmospheric pads. The vocals add a touch of sensuality, while the rhythmic bass and dynamic drum elements heighten the overall experience. Enjoy this beautiful journey!

‘Close To Me’ – Forty Cats Remix

Adding an extra layer of allure is Forty Cats with her captivating remix, deftly enveloping the original in her distinctive pure Progressive House sound, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere to guide you through the realm of underground music.

Embark on this sonic journey, lose yourself in the pulsating beats, and savor the allure of the ‘Close to Me’ EP. Let the music sweep you away on a captivating adventure.

Below, you’ll find the complete ‘Close To Me’ EP. Enjoy this outstanding release from Polyptych Noir to brighten your day, and please, don’t forget to share this post with your friends to help us spread incredible music worldwide. Thank you! =D

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1 – Proluction – Close To Me | Polyptych Noir

PREMIERE: Proluction - Close to Me (Short Edit) [Progressive House 2023]

2 – Proluction – Close To Me (Forty Cats Remix) | Polyptych Noir

PREMIERE: Proluction - Close to Me (Forty Cats Remix - Short Edit) [Progressive House 2023]

Image via Polyptych Noir

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