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Nato Medrado presents new EP ‘Sickness / Rudra’ on Songspire Records

Nato Medrado - Sickness / Rudra EP [Songspire Records]

After a brief hiatus, the talented Brazilian DJ and producer, Nato Medrado, makes a triumphant return to Songspire Records with his latest EP, ‘Sickness / Rudra.’ This release is a rollercoaster of emotions encapsulated in two outstanding Progressive House tracks. Are you ready to immerse yourself in good music? Welcome to WeRave Music, your ultimate destination for underground electronic music.


Opening the EP is ‘Sickness,’ setting the stage with delicate tones that border on the celestial. The vocals act as a strong anchor, dictating the rhythm and taking center stage in the music, perfectly aligning with other elements. ‘Sickness‘ is not just a track to be heard but an experience to be felt.


Moving forward, ‘Rudra‘ accelerates the EP with an atmosphere fit for the dance floor. This track radiates musical vitality, boldly and consciously exploring its sonic elements, including percussion, melodies, and arpeggios. The result is a beautiful Progressive House gem.

Nato Medrado

Collaborating with Songspire Records since 2020, Nato Medrado’s partnership with the Dutch label remains a cornerstone of his artistic journey. This extraordinary EP marks another milestone, showcasing musical expertise in every note.

Listen to the full EP ‘Sickness / Rudra’ below. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of this Songspire Records release, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends. Your support helps us bring the best of underground electronic music to an even wider audience worldwide. Thank you! =D

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1 – Nato Medrado – Sickness | Songspire Records

Nato Medrado - Sickness

2 – Nato Medrado – Rudra | Songspire Records

Nato Medrado - Rudra

Image via Songspire Records

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