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Oovation returns to ICONYC to present ‘Echoes’

Oovation - Echoes EP [ICONYC]

After his ICONYC debut with a smashing remix of ‘Bring Back The Rave,’ German producer Oovation returns to the label to present his brand-new EP ‘Echoes,’ featuring two remarkable reworks from talented producers Jares & Anido, who bring their unique perspective to reinterpret Oovation’s ‘Echoes.’ Are you ready to dive into the sound? Welcome to WeRave Music, your premier destination for discovering the finest underground electronic music.

Download: Oovation – Echoes EP

Echoes – Original Mix

Oovation, renowned for awe-inspiring productions, introduces an irresistible track that opens with melancholic vibes, setting the mood. Effortlessly navigating through progressive-inspired melodies, Oovation layers sultry chords atop a driving percussive foundation. Elevating the composition, Oovation adds depth, enhancing the flow with cleverly programmed drumming and trademark FX elements while preserving the essence of the main groove. This work unquestionably deserves the ICONYC’s ‘essential’ in every sense.

Jares Remix

Making his label debut, Canadian artist Jares takes on remix duties. Known for his melodic and refined sound, Jares maintains the ethereal theme of the original while introducing pulsating bass, compelling drum fills, and an overall driving force. Jares’ remix, evoking classic vibes while sounding refreshingly contemporary, intensifies the energy with stripped-back, lucid elements, creating a warm and uplifting atmosphere.

Anido Remix

In the second remix, crafted by the Italian duo Anido, a deep melodic edge is infused into ‘Echoes.’ Their rework establishes an instantly positive vibe with atmospheric and driving elements that keep the audience moving. Warm tinkling sounds, smooth edges, and well-effected pieces build into an amazing groover. Anido’s remix follows a formula for a monumental experience; its restrained brilliance works its magic, creating a stunning glow and an air of sophistication.

Oovation’s musical identity showcases a distinctive and universally cherished style: an energetic, groovy, deep, and hypnotic fusion of genres that seamlessly fits into diverse club or open-air festival settings. Oovation’s releases consistently earn accolades from prominent figures in the electronic music scene, and ‘Echoes‘ delivers a message of enduring musical relevance in a compelling manner that warms the soul. Enjoy! =D

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1 – Oovation – Echoes | ICONYC

Oovation - Echoes | ICONYC

2 – Oovation – Echoes (Jares Remix) | ICONYC

Oovation - Echoes (Jares Remix) | ICONYC

3 – Oovation – Echoes (Anido Remix) | ICONYC

Oovation - Echoes (Anido Remix) | ICONYC

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