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Ziger ‘Bring Back The Rave’ to ICONYC with New EP

Ziger - Bring Back The Rave EP [ICONYC]

Greek producer Ziger makes a triumphant return to ICONYC to present his brand-new EP Bring Back The Rave – a Progressive House weapon, made to spread powerful vibes across the board, and including two reworks from Oovation and Two Are. Get ready to dance? Then welcome to WeRave Music, your destination for the finest underground electronic music.

Download: Ziger – Bring Back The Rave EP [ICONYC]

Bring Back The Rave – Original Mix

In ‘Bring Back The Rave’, Ziger showcases his creative prowess with a compelling, hypnotic production, finely tuned for the dance floor. The track features punchy beats and a robust, driving groove as its foundation, adorned with vibrant tones and ethereal effects. The main break captivates with its sudden entrance, casting an astral charm that saturates pleasure centers before descending into a cavernous reservoir, setting the stage for a powerful finale.

Bring Back The Rave – Oovation Remix

The first remix of ‘Bring Back The Rave‘ comes from German producer Oovation, making his label debut with a melodic-infused reinterpretation. Renowned for high-quality releases, Oovation transforms the original elements into a more main room, melodic sound. The low-end wonk factor is pronounced and monumentally groovy, complementing rolling rhythmic qualities. Dulcet hooks and gentle harmonics drift in and out of the framework, creating an energetic narrative that leads to a tasteful drop. Oovation’s remix is a superb reimagining.

Bring Back The Rave – Two Are Remix

The third and final interpretation is delivered by the Ukrainian duo Two Are, making their label debut, after impressive releases on Siona Records, Armada Music, and Lost in You. Their remix is powerful, compelling, and mysteriously atmospheric, featuring driving melodic qualities and a richly textured groove that sets an intense tone. Distinctive stabs and vocal edits steal the air as atmospheres evolve, leading to a one-minute break that delves into a haze of thumping audio, perfectly building towards a grand finale. Two Are’s remix is a brilliant rendition destined for the sets of the big players in the industry.

With ‘Bring Back The Rave,’ Ziger breaks boundaries, offering a striking melodic gem that guides listeners through a club-laden, melodic journey, inducing smiles and instantly uplifting moods. The accomplished Greek producer, consistently ranked among the top-tier Progressive House artists, enjoys unwavering support from key figures in the underground electronic scene. His notable releases include works on labels such as Eleatics, Beatfreak, Sudbeat, and his own Eat My Hat imprint.

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1 – Ziger – Bring Back The Rave | ICONYC

Ziger - Bring Back The Rave | ICONYC

2 – Ziger – Bring Back The Rave (Oovation Remix) | ICONYC

Ziger - Bring Back The Rave (Oovation Remix) | ICONYC

3 – Ziger – Bring Back The Rave (Two Are Remix) | ICONYC

Ziger - Bring Back The Rave (Two Are Remix) | ICONYC

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