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John Johnson Wraps Up 2023 with a Striking ‘London’ Remixed pack

John Johnson - London EP [ICONYC]

To wrap up another successful year, ICONYC presents the second remix reissue of ‘London’ by label head John Johnson. ‘London’ was initially released on the renowned English Ministry of Sound imprint ‘IDJ’ and gained immense popularity with massive support from both Sasha and John Digweed. Now, ICONYC has enlisted James Harcourt, Torsten Fassbender, and Darbinyan for the second remix edition.

Download: John Johnson – London EP

James Harcourt Remix

Following his latest ‘Awakening’ EP, James Harcourt returns to the label with a captivating interpretation of ‘London.’ Featuring low-slung bass stabs, vibrant percussion, and spacey electronics, Harcourt’s rendition maintains the distinctive rhythms of the original, creating a deep and engaging atmosphere. Suave synths and distinct drum fills expand the sonic scope before a suspense-filled interlude leads to the ultimate finale. James Harcourt delivers another classy interpretation.

Torsten Fassbender Remix

Torsten Fassbender, a Berlin-based producer with a track record of critical and commercial success, provides the second interpretation. Fassbender’s unique fusion of Techno beats and Progressive sensibilities is evident in the fluid and bouncy groove revamp. Momentous rhythms and complementary tones lift the vibe higher, leading to a main break featuring rising modulation and atmospheric pressures. This remix stands as a sensational contribution that will endure over time.

Darbinyan Remixes

Closing out the release in style, Armenian sensation Darbinyan offers two outstanding renditions of ‘London.’ Known for his exceptional revisions, Darbinyan delivers compelling interpretations built on freeform bass swells, arpeggiated clusters, and processed string ensembles. The first act builds to a dramatic break before concluding with a strong finale, while the second version is a laidback edit incorporating the low end and monumental groove. Darbinyan’s creations, playing off chilled rhythmic qualities and dulcet hooks, round out part 2 of the ‘London‘ remixes on a strong note.

Experience cutting-edge interpretations from Darbinyan, Torsten Fassbender, and James Harcourt as ICONYC celebrates the timeless allure of ‘London‘ with these remarkable remixes. Don’t miss out on these captivating musical journeys! =D

Below, you’ll find the complete ‘London’ EP. Immerse yourself in this latest release from ICONYC, and please don’t forget to share this post with your friends to help us spread incredible music worldwide. Thank you! =D

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1 – John Johnson – London (James Harcourt Remix) | ICONYC

John Johnson - London (James Harcourt Remix) | ICONYC

2 – John Johnson – London (Torsten Fassbender Remix) | ICONYC

John Johnson - London (Torsten Fassbender Remix) | ICONYC

3 – John Johnson – London (Darbinyan Remix) | ICONYC

John Johnson - London (Darbinyan Remix) | ICONYC

4 – John Johnson – London (Darbinyan Chill Out Mix) | ICONYC

John Johnson - London (Darbinyan Chill Out Mix) | ICONYC

Image via ICONYC

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