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James Harcourt presents his brand new EP ‘Awakening’ via ICONYC

James Harcourt - Awakening EP [ICONYC]

James Harcourt returns to ICONYC with a warm welcome. This talented English producer has enjoyed a highly successful and prolific year. He delivered standout releases on Siamese, Sum Over Histories, Renaissance Records, Sincopat, and Selador. As 2023 unfolds at a rapid pace, James Harcourt lands back on ICONYC with an exciting new EP called ‘Awakening’. Are you ready to enjoy some Melodic Techno soundscapes? If so, welcome to WeRave Music, your home for the finest electronic music releases.

The ‘Awakening’

The James Harcourt sound defies easy classification. He creates emotionally charged music that covers a wide range of themes, often delving into esoteric and introspective territories. The end result is always captivating. This is evident in ‘Awakening,’ which incorporates many of his signature production elements. From its rich, meaty low end to its icy atmospherics and immersive effects storyboard, there’s plenty to admire. The standout moment comes in the main break, smoothly transitioning from emotive to ominous, a rarity executed flawlessly.


Its companion piece, ‘Klug,’ equally impresses with a more driven and darker overall feel. Once again, the storytelling is unique, defying expectations. It remains composed from an atmospheric perspective, yet it packs enough power and momentum to excel on the dance floor. Built around three distinct synth motifs, one of which dramatically unfolds during the main break, ‘Klug‘ takes listeners on a kaleidoscopic journey to round out this release in style.

James Harcourt maintains his status as one of the most sought-after underground artists, and this EP only reinforces that sentiment. Below is the full ‘Awakening’ EP. Enjoy this exceptional release from ICONYC and don’t forget to share this post with all your friends to help us spread incredible music worldwide. Thank you! =D

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1 – James Harcourt – Awakening | ICONYC

Awakening (Original Mix)

2 – James Harcourt – Klug | ICONYC

Klug (Original Mix)

Image via ICONYC

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