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Irene Radice & Dagmar call us to ‘Here In The Clouds’

Irene Radice & Dagmar - Here In The Clouds EP [ICONYC]

Irene Radice is back on ICONYC, this time collaborating with the singer Dagmar to present a captivating three-track EP called ‘Here In The Clouds‘. Ready to dive deep into the sound? Then, welcome to WeRave Music, the home for the finest electronic music releases.

Kicking off with ‘Running’

The duo kicks things off with the enchanting ‘Running,’ exuding a melancholic mood that effortlessly weaves through club-inspired melodies. Sultry vocals beautifully enhance the depth and sophistication of the track. Their determination is palpable at every step of the way.

Here In The Clouds

In the title track, ‘Here In The Clouds,’ Irene Radice showcases her creative prowess with a hypnotic, driving production tailored perfectly for the dance floor. Punchy beats and a robust groove form the backbone of the piece, while vibrant tones and ethereal effects embellish the composition. Dagmar’s stunning vocals grace the track, and the main break captivates with its celestial charm before climaxing into a thunderous finale.

Closing out with ‘No One’

The EP culminates with the melodic soundscapes of ‘No One.’ Irene’s influences shine through as subtle freeform elements intertwine with percussion-inspired instrumentations. Rippling melodies dance alongside a deep kick, anchoring an auditory tapestry that creates a remarkable sonic experience. A captivating groove leaves an indelible mark on your auditory senses. Textured pads that warm the soul and a robust, melodic bassline provide the foundation for this inspired composition to unfold in a delayed crescendo.

With the EP ‘Here In The Clouds,’ Irene Radice & Dagmar defy conventional boundaries, offering a club-infused, melodic masterpiece that is bound to induce many moments of joy. Below is the full EP. Enjoy this outstanding release from ICONYC to brighten your day, and don’t forget to share this post with all your friends to help us spread more incredible music worldwide. Thank you! =D

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1 – Irene Radice & Dagmar – Running | ICONYC

Irene Radice & Dagmar - Running | ICONYC

2 – Irene Radice & Dagmar – Here In The Clouds | ICONYC

Irene Radice & Dagmar - Here In The Clouds | ICONYC

3 – Irene Radice & Dagmar – No One | ICONYC

Irene Radice & Dagmar - No One | ICONYC

Image via ICONYC

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