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Hools debuts on ICONYC with his ‘Not Afraid Of Sunlight’ EP

Hools - Not Afraid Of Sunlight EP [ICONYC]

ICONYC is thrilled to welcome the talented Berlin-based producer, Hools, as he unveils his brand new EP, ‘Not Afraid Of Sunlight‘. Prepare to embark on a captivating musical journey filled with enchanting melodies, deep grooves, and a touch of emotion that will leave you in awe. Welcome to WeRave Music, the home of the best electronic music releases.

Kicking off the EP is the outstanding title track, ‘Not Afraid Of Sunlight‘, a mesmerizing journey through driving melodic techno vibes. The track’s foundation is built on a deep groove, accompanied by a profound bassline, smooth synth chords, and atmospheric emotions, fueled by a relentless kick drum with soft melodies that culminate in a perfectly structured sphere of sonic satisfaction.

As the EP unfolds, we’re taken on a melodic soundscape with the track ‘The Square Root of Nothing‘, a Breakbeat gem that shines through as subtle freeform concepts glide through rippling melodies which dance gracefully along a deep, anchoring kick, creating a sonic atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on your senses.

Hools (Music producer)

Hools has been a well-known name within the electronic music scene, gracing some of the world’s finest labels with his unique and lasting productions. His style of music is characterized by ambient textures, complemented by despondent yet warm dreamy melodies that have guided him to the pinnacle of his career.

With such a stellar EP, it’s no wonder ‘Not Afraid Of Sunlight‘ is destined to find its way into the playlists of the big-boys brigade. ICONYC has once again delivered another gem straight from the heart, designed to move the dance-loving soul.

Below is the full EP ‘Not Afraid Of Sunlight‘ by Hools. Enjoy this good dose of underground electronic music to brighten up your day, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends to help us spread electronic music vibes all over the world. Thank you! =D

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Hools – Not Afraid Of Sunlight | ICONYC

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