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ICONYC Noir: The last dance

ICONYC Noir Retrospective [The Final Chapter]

ICONYC Noir bids its final farewell with ‘ICONYC Noir Retrospective [The Final Chapter],’ marking the conclusion of six remarkable years filled with unforgettable musical moments. This last album serves as a heartfelt tribute from the label to all those who have been part of the journey, contributing their efforts and embracing this unforgettable project as family along the way.

Download ICONYC Noir Retrospective [The Final Chapter]

ICONYC Noir Retrospective [The Final Chapter]

Featuring a meticulously curated selection of 40 exclusive tracks spanning Progressive House, Melodic Techno, and Deep House genres, ‘ICONYC Noir Retrospective [The Final Chapter]‘ captures the essence of the night through its thematic arrangement. Crafted with precision by Sean & Dee and Milian Akeem, this compilation showcases both emerging talents and established artists, symbolizing the gratitude towards the supporters who have passionately embraced ICONYC Noir releases throughout the years.

The Mixes

Sean & Dee and Milian Akeem have meticulously woven together an exquisite tapestry of sound for this album, uniting diverse talents to illustrate the label’s musical journey. From enchanting melodies to pulsating beats, this collection strikes a perfect balance, leaving a lasting imprint on listeners’ hearts and igniting the dance floor with each track. Their final message resonates with unwavering musical relevance, a testament to their enduring impact.

Featuring 40 handpicked tracks that have defined the essence of the label alongside 2 exceptional DJ mixes, ‘ICONYC Noir Retrospective‘ promises an immersive experience in Progressive House & Melodic Techno. Prepare yourself for an auditory journey that transcends boundaries and leaves you yearning for more.

This powerful album serves as a comprehensive homage to the iconic sounds that have shaped the label’s identity over the years. It is a tribute to the loyal supporters and a fond farewell to a pivotal presence in the Melodic and Progressive House scene for the past six years. And from the WeRave Music team, our sincere Thank you so much!

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