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Blanka Barbara & Jinadu debut on ICONYC with ‘Forgotten Pharaoh’ EP

Blanka Barbara & Jinadu - Forgotten Pharaoh EP [ICONYC]

UK producer Blanka Barbara makes her full-length debut on ICONYC with the collaborative EP ‘Forgotten Pharaoh,’ featuring the renowned vocalist Jinadu and two amazing reworks from Jas/t and Aaron Suiss. Welcome to WeRave Music, your best destination for listening to the finest underground electronic music.

Download: Blanka Barbara & Jinadu – Forgotten Pharaoh EP

Forgotten Pharaoh – Original Mix

Forgotten Pharaoh‘ showcases Blanka Barbara and Jinadu at the peak of their creative prowess, delivering a driving and hypnotic production finely tuned for the dance floor. The track features punchy beats and a compelling groove, embellished with vibrant tones and spacey effects. The main break, highlighted by Jinadu’s exceptional vocal work, captivates with its stellar charm, saturating pleasure centers before culminating in a resounding finale. Blanka and Jinadu demonstrate outstanding artistry in this tune.

Aaron Suiss Remix

The first remix of ‘Forgotten Pharaoh‘ is skillfully crafted by Aaron Suiss, a returning artist to the label. His deep and melodic remix transforms the original elements into a more spacious and contemplative sound. The low end boasts a high wonk factor, adding monumental grooviness that complements the rolling rhythmic qualities. Dulcet hooks and gentle harmonics drift in and out of the framework, creating a tasteful atmosphere. The main break introduces emotive elements while maintaining dance floor sensibility, leading to a tasteful drop. Here, Aaron Suiss delivers a superb rework. Enjoy!

Jas/t Remix

Jas/t, a label debutant, offers the third and final interpretation of ‘Forgotten Pharaoh.’ The French producer, known for excellent releases on ERRORR, Addicted & Zatar Music, presents a brilliant remix. Deep, compelling, and mysteriously atmospheric, the remix features rich melodic qualities and a textured groove that sets the stage for a captivating first act. Evolving atmospheres, distinctive stabs, and vocal edits heighten the listening experience, leading to a one-minute break that immerses the audience in a haze of psychedelic audio. Jas/t’s remix is a brilliant Melodic Techno contribution likely to find a place in the sets of prominent DJs. Highly recommended.

Blanka Barbara

As a UK-based producer, Blanka Barbara continues to solidify her position as one of the top-tier Progressive House artists, receiving consistent support from industry stalwarts like Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, and Nick Warren. Her impressive discography includes releases on esteemed labels such as Mango Alley, Eat My Hat, and Krafted Records.

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1 – Blanka Barbara & Jinadu – Forgotten Pharaoh | ICONYC

Blanka Barbara & Jinadu - Forgotten Pharaoh | ICONYC

2 – Blanka Barbara & Jinadu – Forgotten Pharaoh (Aaron Suiss Remix) | ICONYC

Blanka Barbara & Jinadu - Forgotten Pharaoh (Aaron Suiss Remix) | ICONYC

3 – Blanka Barbara & Jinadu – Forgotten Pharaoh (Jas/t Remix) | ICONYC

Blanka Barbara & Jinadu - Forgotten Pharaoh (Jas/t Remix) | ICONYC

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