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Circle of Life showcases ‘Infinity’ vibes on ICONYC Noir

Circle of Life - Infinity EP [ICONYC Noir]

The Serbian producer Circle of Life makes a triumphant return to ICONYC Noir with a brand-new EP titled ‘Infinity’ – a Progressive House masterpiece ready to take you on an incredible musical journey. Are you ready to dive into the sound? Then, welcome to WeRave Music, your best destination for listening to the finest underground electronic music.

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Infinity – Original Mix

Launching the EP is the mesmerizing title track, ‘Infinity,’ where Circle of Life embarks on a melodic journey. Influences abound as subtle freeform elements glide through percussion-driven instrumentals. Rippling melodies dance over a deep kick, anchoring an auditory montage that crafts a uniquely infused sonic moment. A subtle acid line adds an unforgettable touch to the auditory experience.

Lion Sleeps – Original Mix

Continuing the journey is ‘Lion Sleeps,’ a musical affirmation characterized by an unyielding kick drum and dark atmospheric emotion. This track is a fusion of warm, deep bass grooves, swirling pads, textured layers, and striking effects. Ingenious synth phrases complete the composition, forming a meticulously crafted piece of art to conclude this true two-track masterpiece EP from Circle of Life.

The ‘Infinity’ EP by Circle of Life unfolds as a beautiful tapestry, weaving intermittent drums and club-soaked harmonies into a structured sphere of sonic brilliance. This release is essential listening and highly recommended for enthusiasts of underground electronic music. Enjoy! =D

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1 – Circle of Life – Infinity | ICONYC Noir

Circle of Life - Infinity | ICONYC Noir

2 – Circle of Life – Lion Sleeps | ICONYC Noir

Circle of Life - Lion Sleeps | ICONYC Noir

Image via ICONYC Noir

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