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WeRave Sets #92 – Miss Monique

WeRave Sets #92 - Miss Monique

In this week’s WeRave Sets, we’re going to visit the island of Ibiza where Siona Records, a record label dedicated to underground electronic music, celebrated its three-year anniversary in grand style. They did so with an impeccable and exclusive DJ set by Miss Monique for the lovers of Progressive House and Melodic Techno.

To mark this special occasion, Siona Records brought the talented owner of the label herself, Miss Monique, for an unforgettable DJ set directly from the most famous island in Spain and one of the temples of electronic music worldwide. Ibiza is renowned for its legendary parties and the unique vibe that attracts music lovers from all over the planet. Are you ready to embark on a sonic journey filled with hypnotic melodies and contagious energy in one of the most iconic destinations in electronic music? Then hit play and let’s go!

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Last week, we highlighted the captivating performance of Japanese DJ and producer Shingo Nakamura, live from the United States, which marked the 700th edition of the Monstercat Silk Showcase. He delivered an impeccable Deep and Progressive House DJ set that will leave no one disappointed. If you enjoy uplifting sonic vibes, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to WeRave Music, your destination for the best electronic music.

What’s WeRave Sets?

It’s a weekly series that helps you discover the best and most vibrant electronic music sets, filtering and bringing you content with the WeRave Music quality seal, so you can always listen to the finest within the electronic music scene.

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Miss Monique – Siona Records: 3rd Anniversary @ Ibiza

Miss Monique - Siona Records: 3rd Anniversary @ Ibiza [Melodic Techno/Progressive House DJ Mix] 4K


  1. 00:00 – Anima & Martin Magal – Planet
  2. 05:45 – Frannz – Lost In The Space
  3. 10:00 – Weekend Heroes – Elevate
  4. 14:15 – Cherry – Euphoria
  5. 19:00 – Miss Monique – All I Got
  6. 25:00 – GUGGA – Space Castle
  7. 31:30 – Perpetual Universe – No Future
  8. 37:30 – Silver Panda & Skapi – Breakout
  9. 42:00 – Miss Monique – Four Hills
  10. 47:45 – Austin Pettit – Labyrinth
  11. 53:00 – Andrewboy – Forever
  12. 59:00 – Alex Sol – My Side