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WeRave Sets #88 – Simon Doty

WeRave Sets #88 - Simon Doty

In this week’s WeRave Sets, we’re going to visit the city of London, in England, where talented Canadian DJ and producer Simon Doty played his debut album ‘Universal Language‘ for the first time. It’s a 100% Deep House work, released on Anjunadeep and featuring collaborations with great names like Roland Clark and Artche, to name a few. If you like to dive deep into the sound waves of electronic music, then you’re in the right place, welcome to WeRave Music!

Last week we recommended Steve Angello’s performance straight from Tomorrowland Winter 2023, which is packed with hot tracks. Check it out later because it’s awesome! So, are you ready for this week’s WeRave Set? Then turn up the volume and let’s dive into this beautiful deep house presentation brought by Simon Doty through his album ‘Universal Language‘. Oh, don’t forget to share WeRave Music with your electronic music loving friends.

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Simon Doty – Universal Language (Full Album Mix – Live from London)

Simon Doty - DJ Set (Universal Language Album Mix) [4K]



  1. 00:43 – Simon Doty – 1000 Miles
  2. 03:44 – Simon Doty & Ursula Rucker – Soulflow
  3. 10:19 – Simon Doty & My Friend feat Tailor – Follow Me
  4. 15:21 – Simon Doty & Artche – Who Do You Love?
  5. 20:38 – Simon Doty – Have You Ever?
  6. 25:40 – Simon Doty & My Friend – Am I The Only One?
  7. 30:28 – JODA feat. Robyn Sherwell – Closer (Simon Doty Remix)
  8. 36:00 – Simon Doty & Ruth Royall – Heat Of The Moment
  9. 41:03 – Simon Doty – Sloane and Sibs
  10. 46:20 – Simon Doty – Midnight Oil
  11. 52:08 – Simon Doty & Roland Clark – Universal Language