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Interview with Anriu

WeRave interview Anriu

We talked to Anriu, an English DJ and producer who has been gaining more and more space within the Deep House scene through his incredible releases on Colorize and Purified Records. And if you don’t know his sound yet, know that we’re talking about absurdly melodic music that has the ability to take your mind to the most beautiful places in Deep House.

In our conversation with him, we heard from Anriu about his beginnings in Eelectronic Music, his debut on Nora En Pure’s record label, and other curiosities about this emerging English DJ and producer. Welcome to WeRave Music and this is our exclusive interview with the talented Anriu.

Hello Anriu, first of all thank you so much for having us for an interview. It’s amazing! And to start this interview, where in the world are you?

Anriu: I used to live in London for the last 15 years but around 3 years ago I have moved to Featherstone which is a small town in England close to Leeds.

How did you get started in electronic music and why Melodic Deep House? Is there something special for you in this genre?

Anriu: My music journey began as a little boy when I saw a music band play live for the first time. From that moment I really wanted to have my own keyboard.I asked my dad if he can buy it for me. Unfortunately I got a accordion which was so massive that when I was playing you could only see my hands haha!

I began my electronic music journey a lot later in my life starting with GarageBand app. I like all types of music really from Classic all the way till Trance, but my real love is with Melodic House.

Recently we asked Moa what’s it like to collaborate on Purified Records and now we would like to know the same thing from you. What’s it like to collaborate on Nora En Pure’s label and how did it start?

Anriu: Its an amazing feeling a dream come true really. It started from me sending the track ‘The Forgotten‘ and unexpectedly I received an email from Nora about 2 weeks later, I was totally over the moon. Later on I sent them another track ‘Lost Lands‘ and that’s how the first EP was created. In the meantime I managed to make another track ‘We Are The Mirrors‘ which was released together with other artist tracks.

Your recent ‘The Forgotten’ EP is something really special for the melodic lovers. Can you tell us about the EP and how it came about?

Anriu: It’s a special track for me. When producing it I had Purified Records in mind. The main inspiration was the Moog 37 and I can truly say that this track was my first love to Purified.

Anriu – The Forgotten | Purified Records

Anriu - The Forgotten (Music Video)

Anriu – Lost Lands | Purified Records

We fell in love listening to ‘Be Myself’ EP by you and Heard Right. That’s really amazing! And thinking about that, can we expect more EPs from you guys?

Anriu: Thank you for those kind words. I think this is one of the best ideas that I managed to create as a track. Im really happy that together with Heard Right we could finish this project. Heard Right is a really close musical friend of mine, we keep in touch all the time. Unfortunately I can’t say more about future EP’s, let’s keep it as a surprise.

Do you have a dream collab?

Anriu: Everyone that I worked with till now was a really good and rewarding experience. I’m always open for a new experiences, but I never really thought about a dream collab.

If you could choose an album and EP to listen for a year which would they be?

Anriu: Personally I don’t think I can answer that question. There is so many amazing artists with so many outstanding music. Everyday I discover something new.

In your opinion what is the most exciting thing happening in dance music currently?

Anriu: I think it’s that we can have access to all the tools, virtual instruments and online courses, which allows everyone to create and share their feelings through the music. That is really something beautiful.

Are there more songs to come in 2022? Could you tell us more about it please?

Anriu: Yes of course, new music is coming alone as well as together with other artists, but what I’m excited about the most is my solo EP debut on one of my favourite labels in London.

Thank you so much again for this interview Anriu. It was amazing and I wish you a very successful career! Please, do you have some message to electronic music fans here in Brazil?

Anriu: I would like to thank everyone who listen to my music, it makes me feels much appreciated and it shows that all those hours put in were worth it.

For producers in Brazil who are just starting the music journey I would like to tell them to never give up, and chase their dreams!

Thank you very much for having me on WeRave Music interview.!

This was our conversation with the incredible Anriu, a promising artist within the Deep House scene who has been growing in size with each new release. We hope you enjoyed the conversation and below is his new EP, ‘Be Myself‘, released on Purified Records.

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1 – Heard Right & Anriu – Be Myself | Purified Records

Heard Right & Anriu - Be Myself (Original Mix)

2 – Heard Right & Anriu – Lost | Purified Records

Heard Right & Anriu - Lost (Original Mix)

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