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Rodriguez Jr releases album ‘Feathers & Bones’

Rodriguez Jr - Feathers & Bones [Feathers & Bones]

The talented French producer Rodriguez Jr. presents us with a beautiful and immersive journey through underground electronic music with the album ‘Feathers & Bones,’ which is also the name of his debut record label. This album offers the audience a collection of tracks focused on quality. If you’re a fan of underground music, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to WeRave Music.

The album begins its journey of 10 tracks with the title track ‘Feathers & Bones,’ which takes the listener beyond just a simple song, delivering an immersive and addictive experience with an incredible sonic landscape.

And the good sonic experience is not limited to the first track of the album. Soon after, Rodriguez Jr. teams up with Liset Alea to bring us ‘Visions,’ a song that exudes a deep and mesmerizing sound, accompanied by Liset’s captivating vocals, which later resurface in the track ‘Amplify.’

Other highlights from the album ‘Feathers & Bones‘ include the tracks ‘Lithium‘, ‘Synthwave‘, and ‘Tuning The Moon‘, the latter being a collaboration with the talented Italian producer Giorgia Angiuli, presenting itself as a beautiful Melodic Techno gem for the approaching European summer.

Below are all the tracks from the album ‘Feathers & Bones‘ in full. Let us know in the comments what you think of Rodriguez Jr.’s new album, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and follow WeRave Music on Instagram, Youtube and Spotify to spread electronic music worldwide. We count on your support!

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1 – Rodriguez Jr – Feathers & Bones | Feathers & Bones

Rodriguez Jr. "Feathers & Bones"

2 – Rodriguez Jr. & Liset Alea – Visions | Feathers & Bones

3 – Rodriguez Jr. & STEREO MC’s – Turn The Light On | Feathers & Bones

Rodriguez Jr. feat. STEREO MC´s "Turn The Light On"

4 – Rodriguez Jr. – Synthwave | Feathers & Bones

5 – Rodriguez Jr. – Tape #1 | Feathers & Bones

6 – Rodriguez Jr. & Liset Alea – Amplify | Feathers & Bones

Rodriguez Jr. & Liset Alea - Amplify

7 – Rodriguez Jr. & Giorgia Angiuli – Tuning The Moon | Feathers & Bones

Giorgia Angiuli & Rodriguez Jr. - Tuning The Moon - mobilee268

8 – Rodriguez Jr. – Lithium | Feathers & Bones

Rodriguez Jr. - Lithium

9 – Rodriguez Jr. – Orlando | Feathers & Bones

10 – Rodriguez Jr. – Tape #2 | Feathers & Bones

Image via Feathers & Bones

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