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Interview with Buranello

WeRave Music interviews Buranello

Last week, we had the opportunity to talk to Luan Buranello, a Brazilian DJ and producer from São Paulo who is focused on delivering beautiful Progressive House and Melodic Techno vibes. He releases his tracks through labels like Enormous Vision and 4MZK Records.

Buranello is an artist who values the use of organic musical instruments and sounds extracted from nature in his productions, including his latest release, ‘Calling Angels‘, which is out now on the Swiss record label Enormous Vision.

Are you ready to get to know another emerging name in electronic music? Then, welcome to WeRave Music! This is our exclusive interview with the promising Brazilian DJ and producer, Buranello.


Hi Buranello, first of all thank you so much for having us for an interview. It’s amazing talking to you! For the first questions, We’d like to know where in the world are you and how your current living place influences your music taste and direction?

Luan: Hi, thank you for having me! I am currently at Maresias, a beautiful place by the coast of São Paulo, Brazil.

Having grown up here, I’ve aways had a daily contact with nature, especially the ocean. I wouldn’t say it influences my musical taste, but being able to be in contact with nature in an calm environment like this definitely enhances my creativity and gets me inspired to create new songs.

How did you get started in electronic music and why Melodic Techno and Progressive House? Is there something special for you in these genres?

Luan: Maresias is home of the iconic Club Sirena, where all the biggest names of electronic music such as Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Fatboy Slim, Sven Väth and other legends have played. Although I was young at that time, I would get to know about these artists and listen to their songs and recordings. I’ve always loved techno and progressive grooves, so it was natural for me to be inclined to those genres.

Recently you debuted on the swiss record label Enormous Vision with the nice single ‘Rising’. What’s it like to collaborate with them and how did it start?

Luan: Our partnership started with the release of ‘Rising’ a few months ago, and just recently we had our second release ‘Calling Angels’. I am very excited by this collaboration, they are awesome and I love the label’s sound.

Buranello – Rising | Enormous Vision

Buranello - Rising

Buranello & Killer Mode – Calling Angels | Enormous Vision

What was your best moment in 2023 so far?

Luan: I would say my best moment of 2023 so far was my latest release with Enormous Vision ‘Calling Angels’. It was one of my first produced tracks, and a really special one. I love the overall ethereal theme and mystic atmosphere combined with the beautiful vocals of Siara Killer.

Recently you started your own radio show called ‘Buranello Sessions’. Could you tell us how often it goes live and what your future listeners can expect from this new project?

Luan: Buranello sessions is a monthly mix made by myself with some fine Melodic Techno, House, Tech House and Progressive grooves. It airs every first week of the month on my YouTube channel. The goal is to take the listeners through the latest and classic tracks, delivering an immersive and captivating musical experience.

Buranello Sessions #01 – Melodic Techno, House, Tech House & Progressive Grooves August 2023

Buranello Sessions #01 - Melodic Techno, House, Tech House & Progressive Grooves August 2023

Are there more songs to come in 2023? Could you tell us more about it please?

Luan: There is definitely more songs expected to come out this year, including a very special one. My goal is to always keep a constant flow of releases.

Thank you so much again for this interview Buranello. It was amazing and we wish you a very successful career! Please, do you have some message to electronic music fans around the globe?

Luan: Thank you again for having me! My message is to always be humble and respectful with others. Hope you enjoy my music.

That was our lovely interview with the emerging electronic music producer Buranello. We hope you enjoyed this nice interview and don’t forget to check out Buranello’s reelases. =D

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