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Clér Letiv Debuts on ICONYC Featuring His ‘Breach’ EP

Clér Letiv - Breach EP [ICONYC]

Following a memorable return to the fore with Roman Kyn’s ‘Exploding Sunsets,’ ICONYC ’s dynamic evolution continues with the incorporation of Clér Letiv’s double track EP, ‘Breach.’ Theatrical and compelling, the Argentine producer/vocalist opens up with two narrative-driven cuts that feel sensually intimate as he explores the introspective halls of his own device.

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Breach – Original Mix

In ‘Breach,’ a throbbing earworm of a bassline treads through a gorgeous cascade of sonic embers that hangs suspended high up in the skies as Clér Letiv crafts one storming groove. With thunderous snares and hard synth stabs resonating up in the clouds, the Argentine wunderkind unleashes a bright neon synthetic arrangement that glides over velvet-laced pads as it drives the piece into a breathtaking breakdown where Clér’s emotional vocal delivery breathes like an open wound. With its core completely exposed, ‘Breach‘ performs one last orchestral maneuver in the dark before the final act falls under the red curtains.

The Surface – Original Mix

Tougher, ‘The Surface‘ showcases a different side to the reclusive producer. Surging over a powerful low-end and an impervious sense of urgency, Clér Letiv’s second delivery is a gargantuan centerpiece that contorts in unpredictable fashion. With its foundations in place ‘The Surface‘ first leaves its mark with some monumental synthwork before Letiv’s haunting, yet entrancing vocals step beneath the limelight to tell a timeless tale of sorrow and loss. Big and bold, ‘The Surface’ expertly balances emotional finesse with unbridled will as it adds another dimension to Clér’s expanding catalog.

An exciting new stop on ICONYC’s coveted blueprint, Clér Letiv’s ‘Breach’ EP is a thrilling performance that will stand out with a sensibility that is rarely found in today’s club-driven sound.

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1 – Clér Letiv – Breach | ICONYC

Clér Letiv - Breach | ICONYC

2 – Clér Letiv – The Surface | ICONYC

Clér Letiv - The Surface | ICONYC

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